North Hollywood Jan8-10 – Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio

The Skinny…

Super excited for my next trips to North Hollywood!  I’m able to do this great discount because we pack the schedule and full busy days of shooting.  When I travel to shoot, I require payment in advance to avoid any last minute cancellations.  Thank you for understanding! 🙂

Pricing (Save $125):

  • 1 look –  $250 $125 
  • 2 looks – $350 $225 
  • 3 looks – $450 $325 

Hair & Makeup:

  • $75/look
  • $150 up to 3 looks

Please fill out the form and indicate the following:

  • Which city you are in.
  • How many looks?
  • Agency Name?
  • Hair & Makeup? (HIGHLY recommend – why spend a lot of money and not do it right?)


Your agency probably has given you inspiration images to help you.  You can also look at my portfolio for inspiration.  Bring at least three options for each look. No shoes unless you are a dancer and need full body shots.

Avoid the following:

White, neons,
Baggy clothes
Wrinkled clothes (my pet peeve)

Be ready to:

Have fun & Get great shots!

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