Levi Walker's Power Shoot


Levi Walker's Headshot Session Events are a great way to get amazing headshots at a reduced price that will boost your career & get you more auditions. Click to find out what cities I'll be travelling to next!

VEGAS Nov 26-29th

LOS ANGELES Dec. 7-9th 

SEATTLE Dec 13-18 

Save $100 only 10 spots available

Are You Ready to nail your Headshots?

My Headshot Session Events are a streamlined process where we overlap clients so we can photograph more people in a day, drop rates and still get amazing headshots. 

I have shot over 3000 headshot sessions in the past 11 years and have built a proven system that:

1) Shows you how to choose the PERFECT wardrobe.

2) Teaches you how to connnect with the camera within the first 10 photos.

3) Helps you get called into more auditions even if you're self submitting

Pricing (Save $100):  

1 look – $250 $150  

2 looks – $350 $250  

3 looks – $450 $350  

50% Non-refundable Deposit required to book  

Hair & Makeup: $75 – 1 look $150 2-3 looks $50 – Men’s Makeup  

Wardrobe: Bring at least three options for each look. No shoes unless you are a dancer and need full body shots. Avoid the following: White, neons, Baggy clothes Wrinkled clothes (my pet peeve) 

Be ready to: Have fun & Get great shots!

Men, Women, Kids/Actors, Singers, Dancers


Levi started performing at 9 years old and performed for more than 20 years before picking up the camera and helping people change the course of their careers.

In the past 11 years he's photographed more than 3000 headshots for Actors, Singers, Dancers and more. His clients have appeared on almost every network, in many broadway shows, hundreds of commercials and shared the stage with the most prolific musical artists around the world.

His passion for performers has lead him to develop an inspiring teaching method that helps each client learn more about working with the camera and nailing the shot.


Understanding how to brand yourself is one of the first steps any performer must take in today's current industry.

I've found a nitch in branding people into breakthrough careers. I can't tell you how many clients have called me to tell me how their images have changed the trajectory of their careers and there's nothing more rewarding.

It has become my passion to teach young performers everything I've learned over the past 30+ years in the business.

Even if you don't choose to shoot with me, Watch this video I created called "8 things you MUST know before getting your headshots" 


It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or if you've been performing for a long time, my headshot session is a perfect way for you to get a full set of headshots, or just add a look or two to your casting portfolios.

I hope you'll join me and my team in your city and we will get the chance to create magic and change your career.