Over the past 11 years, I’ve photographed every kind of person you can imagine.  It doesn’t matter if they were an actor, singer, dancer, social media influencers, choreographers, entertainer, doctors, lawyers, personal trainers and yes even some dogs.
If you’re just starting out, it’s hard to find all the answers.  So I’ve put together this list that I think will get you through the first few hurdles so you can start in the right direction!
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This list is pretty
  1. Make sure they MAKE MONEY doing headshots EVERYDAY.
  2. Listen to your agent recommendations. They know what is working for their clients at the moment.
  3. PAY GOOD MONEY for your headshots. For headshots done the RIGHT WAY, you should expect to pay $400-1200. PLUS hair & makeup, retouching and prints.
  4. Only use headshot labs and retouches to print your headshots EXACTLY like your agent says
  5. Research and know EXACTLY what you plan to wear in your shoot – bring at least 3-4 options if each look. . So many clients come in the door and never do this. I have to do my assessment based on what i see and nothing about their talent to figure out how to market people and it’s Very difficult to do that.
  6. Make sure your clothes are clean, fresh and ironed. If i see one more client come thru the door with their clothes in a grocery bag I’m gonna hurl.
  7. Always give feedback if your not happy with something. It’s much easier to correct a bad hair choice than for us to have unhappy clients – but be respectful in how you handle it.
  8. GET CREATIVE and EXPLORE during your shoot. It’s OK to take a bad picture. In fact, i encourage it. You can’t have real perspective on what you look like in the camera until you see what works. Hopefully your photographer will give you LOTS of direction. Remember, it’s all in the EYES.

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