I just adore my two guests here on Biz Of Show – FB LIVE’s first show!

Jubel Obien is an incredible Musical Director, Producer, Director, Vocal Arranger, Singer and Performer.  I nabbed her for this interview because she has been a MD and Vocal Arranger for Norwegian, Holland America and other cruise lines.  Her incredible amount of experience and Knowledge could totally change your life and career!

Robert Dean Hertenstein is the current Enterainment Director for Norwegian Cruise Line.  He’s produced and created hundreds of shows on ships all over  the world on more than 50 ships!  He drops some amazing tips and tricks to nailing your Cruise Line Audition.

Here’s a breakdown for this episode with some resources below…

15:00 – Guest Introduction – YOU NEED TO KNOW THESE PEOPLE! & How many performers does Robert hire every year?

21:00 – Broadway shows on SHIPS?

27:00 – How good do you need to be to book a cruise gig? Do You have to be from America only?

31:00 – The Audition – What do you need to have under your belt BEFORE you audition?

35:00 – You need to hear this part! **wink wink**

40:00 – What Robert wants to see when you walk into the room & all about Guest Entertainer shows

46:00 – Who they’ve worked with on ships that moved on to successful careers **HINT – we all bring up the SAME person!

53:00 – Why it’s important to build GREAT relationships for a long term career

57:00 – What causes a dancer to get fired or lose a contract

1:00:00 – Body Types for Cruise Ship Jobs

1:07:00 – Q&A – Where to find Auditions, Where to research Norwegian’s shows!

1:12:00 – How much money does NCL pay its singers and dancers?

Here are some of those resources:




Hope you enjoy it!