Biz Of Show Ep.5 – Broadway Legend Brent Barrett!

Welcome to Biz Of Show – Season 1 Episode 5 – where we connect with all the people we’ve worked with or crossed paths and pick their brains to find out how they survived Show Business and how they created their own lane.

Today we have a SPECIAL guest – my wonderful friend Brent Barrett!

When I was a wee lad, the ONLY Broadway we could find was at the beginning of summer on the Tony Awards.  I remember getting all the feels watching “Grand Hotel” with Brent Barrett and Michael Jeter.  The sound of the audience cheering so loudly make me jump out of my seat and learn how to do the Charleston!

Little did I know that 20 years later my best friend in the whole world would fall in love with this handsome Broadway star and we have since become close friends.

Brent’s a true professional who is loved dearly by everyone who knows him.  His work ethic is on point and he’s always prepared to rock the audition room, rehearsal room AND the stage.

You’ll learn SO much from him in this episode!

Wanna learn the Biz Of Show? Learn from a Pro!

In today’s episode:
* What happens backstage during the Tony Awards.
* Who is the most humble celebrity he’s ever worked with?
* What you HAVE to know before you audition for a new show.

Today’s episode is brought to you by Biz Of Show – a new company created by myself and Candice Donehoo. We are currently building Biz Of Show to become The Ultimate School of Show Biz where performers of any age can learn everything that you will NEVER learn in a High School, University or College.

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