Welcome to Biz Of Show – Season 1 Episode 3 – where we connect with all the people we’ve worked with or crossed paths and pick their brains to find out how they survived Show Business and how they created their own lane.


Well, she’s technically in HER house – more like “on my webcam”.

I really just love Anjelah.  She’s been very grounded as long as I’ve known her.  She has a strong foundation in her faith that I really admire.  It’s inspiring.  SHE’S inspiring!  Did you know that she got paid $25 to do her viral video “Nail Salon”? ahem… (74+ million views!)

In my opinion, the wisdom she drops about having a career in showbiz is INVALUABLE and I definitely recommend you pop ur headphones on and watch this.  I actually had an amazing “AHA” moment during this interview that I hope to share with you all someday.  It was definitely a game changer for me and probably the reason I’m sitting up at midnight posting our third episode right now.

Wanna learn the Biz Of Show? Learn from a Pro!

In today’s episode:
* What it feels like to have become part of “POP CULTURE”
* What she loves best: Acting, standup, or Bon Qui Qui?
* The reality of becoming successful.  It’s not what you’d expect!

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