Biz of Show Ep 6 – Emmy Winner Eric Martsolf

Welcome to Biz Of Show – Season 1 Episode 3 – where we connect with all the people we’ve worked with or crossed paths and pick their brains to find out how they survived Show Business and how they created their own lane.

Today – Emmy Winner Eric Martsolf!


I’ve known Eric since 1994.  We lost touch for years and then ran into each other in a hotel pool in Las Vegas!  That was SUCH a fun day. We spent hours drinking margaritas and catching up.

Eric has had an incredible career as a soap star with THOUSANDS of episodes on Passions as Ethan Winthrop and  Brady Black on Days of Our Lives.  With soaps not being as prevalent in the Industry any more, he’s super lucky to have worked so long as an actor on TV.

Wanna learn the Biz Of Show? Learn from a Pro!

In today’s episode:
* Why was he wearing a green mask the moment he found out he booked Passions
* How many years it took to finally make it
* Why sticking around and continuing to audition is the way to get the job.

Today’s episode is brought to you by Biz Of Show – a new company created by myself and Candice Donehoo. We are currently building Biz Of Show to become The Ultimate School of Show Biz where performers of any age can learn everything that you will NEVER learn in a High School, University or College.

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