SAVE $100 in these cities!

Pricing (Save $100):

1 look –  $250 $150

2 looks – $350 $250

3 looks – $450 $350

$100 Deposit required to book

Hair & Makeup:

$75 – 1 look

$150 2-3 looks

$50 – Men’s Makeup


Bring at least three options for each look.
No shoes unless you are a dancer and need full body shots.

Avoid the following:

White, neons,
Baggy clothes
Wrinkled clothes (my pet peeve)

Be ready to:

Have fun & Get great shots!

Learn How To Work With The Camera

Tickets are only $20 and FREE for booked clients!

SEATTLE – YOUR NEXT!  June 19th!

If you book a shoot and want to attend, let me know when we speak on the phone

**Free headshots taken at masterclass only available in Los Angeles**

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